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The CCMH Exercise Centerwants to help you reach your goals and become more physically fit! Being able to workout is essential to living a healthy life.Our Exercise Center was created so that all the people of Stockton and the surrounding areas could find a place to improve themselves, in an atomosphere conducive to learning and growing.  We are proud to offer modern equipment and are constantly evaluating new additions based on customer input and industry developments. In the facility you’ll find everything you need!

Cardiovascular Training: We offer treadmills, bikes, a stairmaster, ellipticals will help you increase your stamina.

Free Weights: The basics of strength training! We have all the accessories and weights you need to get a great lifting workout.

Multi-Stations: We have fully-adjustable weight machines to target muscles in the upper and lower body, with safety features to reduce risk of injury.

Training Accessories: We offer pilates balls, resistance bands, jump ropes, and more. We can all use a little help in our workouts and our Exercise Center is heare to provide it for you.

Group Exercise Classes: With two separate classrooms, we have a variety of different classes to help you get in shape. Give us a call or stop by for our most recent class schedule.

Stretching Area: We have an area dedicated to getting yourself ready to give it your all and cool down once the workout is over.

If you’re looking for more structure, accountability, or to expand your current fitness program, consider one of our many fitness classes. Anyone is welcome to take a class, regardless of weight, fitness level, or age. we offer both traditional and customized classes, so you’ll never get bored. From gentle stretching to high intensity workouts, we’re sure you’ll find a class that addresses your needs. If you’re unsure of which class is best suited for you, why not go with a classic? Here are 5 of our most popular classes:

Zumba: With inspiration from Latin American music, Zumba involves elements of both aerobics and dance. It incorporates musci from manu dance styles, including salsa, mambo, samba, hip-hop, and tango. Zumba is a great choice for men and women of all ages, paticularly those who enjoy dancing, having fun, and socializing.

Aerobics: Aerobics can be low or high intensity. Studies have shown aerobic exercise can promote a healthy heart, improve body and mind awareness, and strengthen muscles.

Yoga: Yoga involves slow, flowing movements, stretches, and poses. Yoga offers many health benefits, both mental and physical. Many of those who regularly practice yoga find it helps to reduce stress, build muscle, and improve posture.

Tai Chi: This exercise regimen involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. Often called “meditation in motion”, Tai Chi has numberous health benefits like better balance, lower blood pressure, ease of arthritis pain, more energy and less stress.

Chair: We have a wide range of chair classes; each derives from an exercise style that is modified to be done using the assistance of a chair. From Chair Yoga to Chair Aerobics, we have many options for those who love to exercise, but need some modifications.

As our class offerings and schedules do change, please call the Exercise Center for current schedules. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are seeking support, motivation, and guidance, you’ve come to the right place! We have certified staff members and certified personal trainers and fitness nutrition specialists that can help on an individual basis.

The Exercise Center staff welcomes you to stop by for a facility tour, and learn more about our services, fees structures and current specials!

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