Fishing Report

Fishing report

Walleye have been biting great, but you have to be out there at the right time.  The evening bite has been the best, and if you can see after dark, then keep on fishing.  It seems like between sunset and dark is the best and most active bite.  I had an 8 lb walleye and one of my clients caught a 5 lb one about 10 minutes later.  We ended up with 4 walleye that weighed 18 lbs, but the bite only lasted about 30 minutes, then it was over. 

The crappie have been in and out with all the fronts that have passed over the last week or two. One day you can catch them in 2 foot of water, then you have to slow down and fish deeper.  Hit the creek arms and go as far back as you can.  Yesterday the main lake was 52 and the back of the creeks was 64.  That is a big difference and will make the fish and shad that are shallow more active and easier to catch.

Bass have also been hit and miss, but on the right days it's more hit than miss.  Jigs, jerkbaits, and spinnerbaits have been good.  Most of the bass are on secondary points and back to the coves.  We found lots of smaller bass feeding on shad in the backs of the creeks on the 23rd.  Look for that warmer water and the shad and you will find fish.

White bass are in the spawning mode, so head up the creeks, and pitch some white jigs in shallow water.  If you are new at this fishing, watch the other boats and just copy what they are doing, maybe not in their spot, but get up shallow, or off of a sandbar up the creek arms and you can catch lots of whites.

This time of year it's tough to give a report that is the same for more than a couple of days.  You will have to adjust to all the fronts, rising and lower water levels as well as the changing water temps.  I was really surprised to find such warm water yesterday, so don't be afraid to go way back in the coves and you just might find lots of fish.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 417-637-2277.

Thanks and good luck fishing,

Bob Bennett
Stockton Lake Guide service


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