Fishing Report

Water temp 86
Water is clear

August 9th, 2015

It's been really hot the past couple of weeks, but he fishing hasn't
shown any signs of cooling off. We have been catching lots of keeper
walleye and crappie along with the catfish..

The walleye have moved out to the flats and have been hitting on bottom
bouncers with an intense crawler hook. Most of the fish we have been
catching are hitting in 13 to 18 foot of water. The depth seems to
change about everyday. They will be hitting in 17 foot one day and 13
the next, so keep on the move until you see what depth they are in the
day you are on the lake. I have been dragging the bottom bouncer about
.8 mph and that seems to be working out pretty good. The bite itself
has been really light and is really difficult to know when you are
getting hit. You want the bottom bouncer with the wire dragging the
bottom but not having the lead on the bottom. Some of the fish are just
grabbing the worm and you will feel some extra weight, some you might
feel a small bite, but you really need to pay attention to how the rod
feels and be ready to set that hook.

The crappie bite has been going good, but also pretty tough to tell when
you have a fish. Minnows are working the best in 20 to 25 foot of water
in brush piles. I have had a few on jigs but not nearly as good as
using minnows. Been getting some really good size crappie out of the
brush. If you are using an anchor, try floating back to the brush pile
instead of dropping the anchor into the brush. You will have better
luck using a slip bobber and setting it to be just over the brush
instead of sitting on top of the fish, but you can catch them either way.

Bass are going deeper with most of the big fish being caught in 20 to 25
foot of water on brush piles. Plastics are working the best. Work the
brush from different sides and be ready to do what you can to keep the
fish from diving back into the brush. It's easy to lose a big bass in
the brush, so you have to get them out of there and fight them after you
clear them out of their house. Had a trip last week and and we didn't
do real good, but he went back out that evening and had a 6.5 lb bass
out of a brush pile.

Catfish are settled in on the flats for the hot summer. on a breezy
day, net some shad, thread them onto a hook, and drift fish in 10 to 20
foot of water. Great way to catch a mess of catfish for dinner. There
are also some bigger fish on the brush piles, so if you are crappie
fishing, good luck getting them cleared out of the brush without losing
them, but it's a great fight.

Good luck, be safe, and remember, never be ashamed to wear a lifevest.

Bob Bennett
Stockton Lake Guide Service


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